Yearly Wrap up – Top Posts of 2017

top 10 posts of 2017

Out with the old, in with the new! Or so they say. Here at the it has been quite a year.

It first started with the idea of creating a blog. After some loving prodding, the Handy Millennial finally purchased a domain around June of 2017. For those of you that have been around lately, you might know that no posts actually appeared until late August. Well, that’s what happens when you let the lazy take over and you drag your feet šŸ™‚

Still, slowly but surely this little blog began to take life. And here we are now, wrapping up 2017 with 40 posts published. Pretty amazing if you ask the Handy Millennial. The Handy Millennial is looking forward to 2018 and seeing how things will yet again take a turn for the better!

So to cap off this amazing year, here are the top 10 posts of 2017 – at least according to Google Analytics.


Why you should FIRE in order to learn how to plan

how to plan to be free

This one was an unexpected favorite. When Millennial Rosie edited this post, she predicted that people would really enjoy it. And so it was! I heard from many readers telling me that this one spoke to them.

If you haven’t read it, in this post, the Handy Millennial discusses the importance of planning in achieving a good life. But in order to effectively plan for a good life, one must have learned at some point how to plan. It turns out that FIRE is actually a perfect opportunity to practice the skill of planning. Here, Handy Millennial tries to convince you, my dear reader, that FIRE is really what you should be pursuing to learn how to plan.


The Move: What’s worse, death, taxes, or moving?

the big move story

The second most popular post was a story. In this post, a dear friend of the Handy Millennial, Water Professor, discusses the details of moving. Weaved into the narrative of his move story are details and tips on how to move effectively. A bonus feature of this story is the fact that Water Professor was actually evicted in a fit of gentrification that actually erased the last affordable housing building in his town.

If you haven’t read this post, please enjoy the Water Professor’s entertaining wit and share a few chuckles about the ridiculous state of housing that we, millennials, are now experiencing.


Growing a Blog – Blog Traffic Post #2 Oct. 2017

major Social Media FOMO

The third most popular post is the October 2017 traffic post. I’m actually not quite sure why people love the traffic posts so much. At first, the Handy Millennial describes how he feels as he is learning all the ins and outs of blogging, social media, and blog management. Later, and we will talk about this below, the Handy Millennial discovered that these posts are really useful for tips on how to bring traffic to one’s blog.


Shave like your grandpa for 10 cents

Shave like your grandpa

The fourth most popular post on this blog is Shave like your Grandpa. Now this one is a Handy Millennial favorite. Not only does the Handy Millennial really enjoy shaving, but the Handy Millennial really enjoys tools. It turns out that before the current era of shaving, the instruments of shaving were actually beautifully-crafted tools. From bushes to blades to refreshing soaps, the art of shaving, the old school way, is really something to admire and to enjoy. Come see which tools the Handy Millennial uses.


Growing a Blog – Blog Traffic Post #1 Sept. 2017

Blog Traffic Post - Thank You all

The next most popular post was my first month of blogging post. As a side note, you can really see here the evolution of the Handy Millennial voice. This post happens to be filled with youthful vigor and enthusiasm about my nascent blog. Aside from generally seeing what it’s like to blog in month #1, there are also plenty of tips and pitfalls to learn from. The Handy Millennial hopes that you enjoy the story of this blog and keep track of the progress.


Why I’ll be buying my next car with a car loan

Buy your car with a loan

Why one should consider a car loan was the Handy Millennial’s most controversial post. That’s probably a good thing because the Handy Millennial does not want to be controversial but instead aims to be helpful. There are plenty of controversial voices on the internet – why not be the friendly helping hand?

Now in this post, the Handy Millennial laid out 7 reasons why car loans may not be such a bad idea. Have a look and let him know what you think!


Growing a Blog – Blog Traffic Post #3 Nov. 2017

Blog Traffic Progress

This next post should be familiar by now! People just love seeing how the blog is progressing! In this month, the Handy Millennial finally figured out what these traffic posts are all about – telling people what works and what doesn’t! So this month HM added a number of tips for new bloggers, and maybe some more experienced bloggers that hadn’t run into the same issues yet. The Handy Millennial sincerely hopes that you all find it useful. HM suspects that over time, this post will drift higher in the rankings.


5 Steps to secure your investment account now and 1Ā  step to take weekly

Protect your next egg and investment account from hacking.

How to secure your investment accounts is another Handy Millennial favorite post. You see my dear reader, the Handy Millennial enjoys berating various loved ones in his life about digital security. Taking a deep dive into the protections offered by some of the large brokerages on investment accounts was eye-opening.

Not only are the rules fairly loose, there is lots of room for interpretation on how to adhere to them. The moral of the story is that you need to understand the rules of your company and be diligent about checking up on your account. Never simply believe that you are covered.


Just say No!

Say No to Consumerism

The Just say No! post was written in the Handy Millennial’s first full month of blogging…. And it shows. This is definitely not the style of writing that the Handy Millennial has evolved. However, it was a favorite of Bitches Get Riches, and HM loves those ladies.

The message here is timeless: spend time not money. Of course, for those of you playing the home game here, you at some point need to spend money to earn time. Learn how to get that money above by learning how to FIRE!


Expectation Inflation

Is the iPhone X worth it?

The Handy Millennial was also alive for the release of the iPhone X. Now, far be it from the Handy Millennial to criticize that beautiful piece of technology, but the Handy Millennial does question if the average iPhone user really needs that kind of computational power. For fun, the Handy Millennial compares the iPhone X to the Apollo space program. Some rough back of the envelope math tells HM that the iPhone X is 13 billion times more powerful than the computer that shot Neil Armstrong to the moon. Wow! Are you 13 billion times more productive?

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