Work with the Handy Millennial

Work with the Handy Millennial

In the past few months, the Handy Millennial has been publishing this blog with the editorial help of Millennial Rosie. We are very excited about the positive feedback and the engagement that our readers have with the blog.

We are also excited to work with you, our dear readers and visitors. If you like this content and are interested in working with us, here are a few skills on which we can collaborate:

Web Development

Work with the Handy Millennial on Web Development

Millennial Rosie is a web developer with experience in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, Python, PHP, SQL, AJAX, and Databases. Interested in starting a project? Get in touch below!


Work with the Handy Millennial on proofreading.


We have multi-year experience in proofreading both academically and professionally. In fact, Millennial Rosie is a real-life journalist! Believe the Handy Millennial, he knows how lucky he is. Want your copy proofread? Get in touch below!

Freelance Writing

Work with the Handy Millennial on writing.

Writing is a never-ending work of love at the Handy Millennial. Do you have an idea that you want described? Let us know below.

Guest Posts on

Work with the Handy Millennial on guest posts.

The Handy Millennial is interested in interacting with the broader community. If you have an idea for cool content that might excite the readers of, please tell us about it below.

Get in touch!