Breathe Deeper

Here is an easy way to improve your life, every time you get into your car you are breathing dirty, nasty, (and in this case) grasshopper-laden air. The thing is that this is so easy to fix, but no one seems to know until the guy at the quickie lube walks up to you and […]

Bike a mile in my shoes

We all know the saying “walk a mile in my shoes”  and we all know that this means we should empathize with one another. But this knowledge is where empathy ends for us most times. Its not for lack of trying, its simply because of the way we are as people. I emphasize the last […]

You can do it!

  Sometimes in the personal finance community we fall into writing only posts that give advice and admonish. This is natural. You want to provide value and add to your reader’s life. But it’s difficult to know where each reader is in their personal financial journey. For example, if you walked up to Mr. Money […]

Expectation Inflation

It seems like every day we are getting hit with sticker shock. The iPhone X smartphone costs $1,000!!! New cars on average cost $33,000!!! The average starter home is now more than $250,000!!! Forgive the Handy Millennial, but I’m not impressed. Spend about 5 minutes on Rockstar Finance or CNBC, and you’ll find an endless […]

Just say NO!

There are countless articles on the internet both in the blogosphere and on finance websites that extol the virtues of saving. Most are focused on giving you a recipe on how much to save in terms of a percentage of your income. For example, most websites tell you to put aside 10% of your income […]