Finances and Investing Series

Finances and Investment SeriesFinances are complicated, but they don’t have to be. In this series the Handy Millennial will try to demystify personal finance topics to help you, my reader, to manage your own wallet. Some posts will be originals, some can be found from other authors or widely on the internet. Wherever you may find them, the Handy Millennial wishes that you, my reader, find the source that best speaks to you and helps you to understand the mess of personal finances.



Investment Posts

  1. Protect your investments
  2. Retirement Account Options
  3. Balancing Different Retirement Account Options
  4. Market Performance, how much does it matter?

Personal Finance Posts

  1. When could loans be a good thing?
  2. What is your networth?
  3. What exactly is compound interest?

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