Breathe Deeper

Here is an easy way to improve your life, every time you get into your car you are breathing dirty, nasty, (and in this case) grasshopper-laden air. The thing is that this is so easy to fix, but no one seems to know until the guy at the quickie lube walks up to you and recommends that you change it (for 39.99 of course).

Well fear not, this is not a $40 task, and the Handy Millennial is here to help! This is probably one of the easiest DIY tasks in your whole car and that it shouldn’t cost you more than say $15.

Let me show you and remember, as usual the Handy Millennial is not responsible for any damage or injury you may cause if you somehow drop the car on your head during this oh so risky procedure.

So here it goes… On most modern cars the cabin (not to be mistaken with the engine) air filter sits right behind the glove box. If you’re not sure about yours leave me a handy comment below and I’ll help you figure this one out.

So step one, clear your glovebox..


Next we need to swing the glove box down. To do this, it turns out that the sides of the glove box are made of flexible plastic! Aside: Did you know that its perfectly normal for building materials to deflect. This means that it would be fine for the floor to bow when you step on it. Of course we don’t do this because we humans are scardy cats.


Anyway, back to dirty filters and such, since the glove box is made of flexible plastic, you can push in on both sides to pop out the stop pins. Here is the left side:


And here is the right:


Now if we push simultaneously on both sides, the glove box will swing down into your legs like this…

Notice that little shock absorber thing on the right? Don’t worry, you wont break the glove box, its made for this! Now if we look into the opening that we just created, you should see a little door that looks like this.

This is actually your air filter. Notice that there are four tabs, you can pull on these tabs and filter comes right out. And yes, it was this dirty…

Slide the new filter in place, making sure its oriented the same way that the old one was. Then once the filter snaps in, simply push the glove box up. It will snap back into place. Easy right?

I typically change my cabin air filter once per year, and immediately if I buy a used car. You never know where that filter has been. Its also a good idea to get a filter right before allergy season. Its always good to run on a fresh filter.

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