Back in the old days it was simple, handy just meant that you could fix anything with wrench and some duck tape. But somewhere along the way things became complicated. Advertising convinced us that new is always better, we don’t know enough to do it ourselves, and someone is always around to help us.

Then came the millennials. We are entitled, lazy, and short-sighted. Or so it seems from the countless stories that seem be published every day. But is that actually true?

Probably not, actually my experience has shown me that the average millennial is no more confused than the average person about how to live life. We are all somewhat confused especially when it comes to money and finance.  And this is where being handy comes in. Handy is the ability to take care of yourself physically and financially. To be handy is to live life well.

I am a millennial living the American dream in the typical millennial hub. I am starting this blog primarily as a personal finance blog to help people live better lives and achieve their goals. But I want to show people more than just finance. I want to show people that life doesn’t have to be so expensive if you simply learn to be handy and resourceful. In other words, I’m showing people how to fish.

Happy fishing!