21 days to being handy in the 21st century

Handy is the thing to be

In this first post, I would like to introduce my first blog course! How to be handy in the 21st century. Handy to me is more than knowing how to fix things, handy is being able to take care of yourself financially, physically and emotionally. If you cannot take care of yourself financially, your mind and body will suffer. If you cannot take care of yourself physically, your finances and your mind will deteriorate. If you cannot take care of your mind, well nothing else matters. You get the point.

Mind, body and finances are intimately connected because of intimate connection between time and money. You work for money, so you spend time to acquire money. But this time is not free, you are giving up time you could have spent maintaining your body and your mind. So its in everyone’s best interest to optimize the trade-off between time and money. Lets start by learning to how to do some things ourselves which will eventually help us reduce how much time we need to trade for money.

So without further ado…

21 days to being handy

In the next 21 posts I will introduce you to 21 simple tasks that I have done to make myself handy. These tasks are simple but important. Many things in the world are actually very similar to one another. So when you learn to do a small task, it is often simpler and straightforward to do another task.

There is also the psychological factor of accomplishment. Once you feel that you have accomplished a task, each next task becomes easier to tackle. Today you’re walking, tomorrow you’ll run, and the day after you’ll be competing. But for the moment, lets not thing about competing, or even running. Lets walk.

PS. Check back often as the posts in the list below will be completed in the weeks to come.

Handy in your home and with your body:

  1. Change a long light bulb
  2. Clean a clogged sink drain – without Drano (basic plumbing)
  3. Fix a toilet that runs
  4. Install a new shower head
  5. Winterize your home
  6. Shave like your grandpa for 10 Cents
  7. What all those plugs on your computer/TV mean

Handy with your Car:

  1. What is under the hood of your car?
  2. Change a car headlight bulb
  3. Change your own oil
  4. Change your car air filter
  5. Change the air filter inside your car
  6. Change your own brakes

Handy in your Digital Life:

  1. Buy a disposable phone!
  2. Check to make sure you don’t have a computer virus

Handy with your Money:

  1. Find your Net Worth
  2. Make a plan
  3. Just say No!
  4. Why compound interest works
  5. How to check to make sure your investment is good.
  6. Find a bank account with a good interest rate.

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